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Sovereign Enterprise Software (SES) is a Complete Business Management Solution designed to allow business owners and managers to make fully informed decisions using real-time information about every aspect of their businesses and operations.

While SES contains the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite and tools available, SES is and does so much more. SES analyzes all information as people work normally and it presents the results of this analysis in visual forms that are interactive and dynamic. Features in the application are each dynamically linked and connected to underlying data, reports, charts, graphs, maps and hundreds of interactive decision-making products.

SES features full Project, Job and Task Management solutions that are integrated to all other ERP functions. Project Management is executed in the context of business and vice versa. SES is visual, and above all else, simple to implement and even easier to use.

Sovereign is specifically designed around the business, financial and operational needs of professional engineers, surveyors, architects and land development managers. Sovereign was developed by working from the decision making information requirements engineering professionals assembled and then crafted from those requirements outward – Sovereign begins and ends with the information professionals need to make better decisions.


Today, more than ever, companies need to make decisions fast, based on accurate and comprehensive information.

SES provides instantaneous access to real-time business, project and operations information.

Analytics need to reach the people who can act and communicate effectively.

SES produces business, project and operational information visually with one click of the mouse – that one click produces a real-time snapshot of every metric managers and business owners need to make effective decisions and act on them.

SES analytics is visual, bound to live underlying data and reports and each may be easily dragged and dropped into documents and emails.

SES uses Business Intelligence methods that help implement decision cycles that foster better business outcomes.

SES is about building decision-making engines for each department and person within a company and aligning these into a plant which continuously produces and delivers information products. SES decision-making engines output to visual decision control panels – a set of interactive business gauges.

SES information products are visual and interactive reporting vehicles that are based upon the normal work a company’s staff performs as a matter of routine.

SES does not require any “feeding of the enterprise machine” – all information contained in and produced from SES is based upon the routine work and data company staff create as part of any normal day.

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